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About Venue: Greece, Patras, Rio, Univ. of Patras, Conference & Cultural Centre

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Rio, Patras, Olympia, Delphi, Mycenae, Epidaurus


The Conference and Cultural Centre of the University of Patras, Greece, is the venue of the ICBF-2006. This, centrally located inside the Campus, is the main venue for organizing local, national and high level international scientific conferences and symposia, also book, photography and other art exhibitions, as well as cultural events, commencements and anniversaries. It is a new building with state of the art facilities of international standards. It has a total surface area of 9,300 m2 including a Main Hall of 1080 seats and a 700 m2 theatre stage designed to host large orchestras, concerts and theatrical performances, a 250 seat Auditorium containing a theatre stage, 14 halls for parallel meetings and seminars, a two level reception area, translation studios, dressing rooms and rehearsal areas. The Centre is a vibrant place throughout the year.

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Basic Information

Country Name:
conventional long form: Hellenic Republic
conventional short form: Greece
local short form: Ellas (
EllaV) or Ellada (Ellada)
local long form: Elliniki Dhimokratia (
Ellhnikh Dhmokratia)

Est-Southern Europe, bordering by the Turkey to the East via the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea to the South, Italy to the west via Ionian Sea,  Albania, FYROM and  Bulgaria to the North.


Land Area: 131,957 sq km

Population (2001): 10.964.020

Religion: The main religion is christianity (orthodoxy)


Capital: Athens

Country Code:  GR


Internet Country Code:

International Dialing Code:

Currency: Euro

1 Euro = 1.17810 US Dollar
1 US Dollar (USD) = 0.84882 Euro (EUR)
(Wednesday, November 9, 2005)

US $ 1.244 = Euro 1 (2004, average)
US $ 1.135 = Euro 1 (2003, average)

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Administrative Regions:
Greece is divided into 13 administrative divisions, named "Peripheries" (Regions):

  • Eastern Macedonia & Thrace

  • Central Macedonia

  • Western Macedonia

  • Epirus

  • Thessaly

  • Ionian Islands

  • Western Greece

  • Central Greece

  • Attica

  • Peloponnese

  • Northern Aegean Sea

  • Southern Aegean Sea

  • Crete

The next level of administrative division is the "Prefecture". There are 54 Prefectures in total, and one self-governed territorial division (Agion Oros, in Mount-Athos).


Patras is the Capital city of the Prefecture of Achaia and of the Region of Western Greece. The region covers the North-Western part of Peloponnese and the Western part of the Mainland of Greece and due to its geographical position is the transportation centre between the European Union and the East. Today Patras is one of the most attractive Greek cities and the third in population. The existence within and the proximity of very important monuments of ancient times, most notably ancient Olympia, Delphi, Epidavrus, Mycenae, makes the region especially attractive.
Brief history: Patras was formed in Mycenaean times by the merging of three rural colonies by the Achaeans who came from the Laconia led by Patreas, after whom the city was named. It started to play a dynamic role in 280 BC. In 146 BC the area fell to the Romans. It embraced Christianity earlier than the rest of Greece (St. Andrew the Apostle preached in Patras and was martyred there). In 1205 Patras occupied and used as the centre stage of the foundation of the Principality of Achaia, by the Franks. After too long it passed under the domination of Palaiologues, who ruled Peloponnese from Mistra; Turks succeeded Palaiologues in 1460. For a short period (1687-1715), the area was a Venetian colony. It was liberated in 1828. Kapodistrias, the first Governor and Prime Minister of the free Greece built the modern city on its ancient remains. Today, It is an important commercial industrial centre.


Rio (Greek Modern: Rio) or Rion (Greek Ancient: Rion); Latin: Rhion or Rhium, is a suburban town north of Patras, Greece where University of Patras is located. Its population has reached to 5,000 or 6,000. Around one-quarter to one-third of its houses are used for week-ends, and most of them are large. Downtown is about 7 km North of Patras, from the national road GR-8. Northern,  Rio has a panoramic view to the golf Patraikos and the mountains of Aetoloacarnania, while to south the mountain Panachaikos raised over it, almost beginning from its bounds. Rion is going on with sandy seashores in the west, with a scenic local beach-road of about 6 km long. In the middle, a fortress, and a harbour are located northwest of downtown. The harbour offers ferryboat service to Antirrion, which, for the past 50 years, has enabled traffic to flow between Peloponnese and Western Mainland Greece. The traffic through the ferries is quite heavy, including a lot of trucks. The ferries recently largely replaced by the Rio-Antirio new bridge. The municipality's population is about 10,000, including also other communities .


the University of Patras (Greek: Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών Panepistimio Patron) is a university located 6 km northeast of downtown Patras, 3 km S of the Rio-Antirio bridge, 206 km W of
Athens, 106 km NE of Pyrgos and 2 km east of Rio, Greece. The university is
 the third largest in Greece. The university is accessible by the national road "Athens-Korinthos-Patras", and now by the new bypass (perimeter highway) with an interchange in the west and a westbound interchange in the northeast. The elevation is around 50 m (150 ft) above sea level. The university was first opened in 1964 and its area covers 600 acres.

The university campus comprises:

  • Academic areas (1 northwest)

  • Polytechnic schools (central)

  • School of Economic Sciences (south-central)

  • School of Medicine

  • School of Sciences (1 central, western and southern part)

  • University office (south and west)

  • Dancing and theatrical teams/societies

The mountains are situated southeast. The track, field and sporting grounds are in the southern part. The facilities lie in western, central and northern part. Some schools and colleges are in this part. Nearby and northeast of the university property is the Rio Regional Hospital. Its parking lots are in the east and the building lies to the west. The School of Medicine lies west of the hospital in a small distance.



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